Michael Kors Extreme Speed

Do you like to live life in the fast lane? Extreme Speed the new fragrance for men from Michael Kors could be for you!

Extreme Speed is the latest in the line of men’s fragrances from Michael Kors and recently released here in the UK 2018.

Classed as a woody spicey, on the first impression the Extreme Speed certainly is packed with exotic spices! The top has a real punch to it with coriander, cardamom, cypress and sage. Sage seems to be a frequently used note in a lot of men’s fragrances at the moment. There is quite a strong hit of sage in the top of the Extreme Speed. I hope it settles down. So the top notes are really spicy and very, very fresh!

As the dry down begins and the heart notes begin to surface those top notes do begin to settle. In the heart is more spice with cinnamon. But I’m now starting to get all of the woods coming through with the violet wood in the heart as well. Everything is now starting to blend, a mixture of woods and spices as we move into the base.

In the base is a very earthy patchouli with cedar wood and tolu balm.

This fragrance reminds me very much of walking through the woods on a fresh morning after rain. The earthiness of the ground mingling with the trees and spices adding a touch of the exotic and a hint of mystery.

I’m detecting some similarities between the Michael Kors Extreme Speed and fragrances from Tom for such as the Tom Ford for Men and the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.

I don’t think this is a fragrance that is going to appeal to every man, but I do think it will sit well on some. Tim tried it and did like it, not one of his favourite fragrances. He did get a couple of compliments whilst wearing it and reported that it did last a good three or four hours on his skin although not too heavy. I think it does have a longevity to it. It is staying quite well on the card.

I do think it’s well worth giving it a try and seeing how it sits on your skin if you get the opportunity.

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