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An ‘exclusive’ this week. The new range of artisan niche fragrances for men and women from Jamal London Artisan Perfumers is simply delicious! East meets west in a new range of Eau d’ Attar formulas passed down the generations and given a modern twist.

Tim and I are happy, fortunate and proud to say that the creator of Jamal fragrances, Mo, is a friend of ours. I have to say that Mo is a lovely man. He’s so passionate about his fragrances, the high quality of his ingredients and the inspiration and tradition behind their creation.

Currently exclusive to our store and through Jamal of London website. Please do take a look at the website of Jamal fragrances and try them for yourself. www.jamalperfumers.com

The House of Jamal has created attar fragrances for many generations, and bespoke perfumery by appointment. Please check out the website to see some of the exquisite hand-blown crystal glass bottles, beautifully etched and locked inside boxes of precious woods and gold.

Exquisite hand-blown crystal glass bottles

Mo is a qualified chemist and has worked with the likes of Jo Malone, Liz Earle, he’s worked for Estee Lauder and Clinique before returning to his family business. So he has extensive knowledge of
both perfumery and the beauty business coupled with a family history in perfumery over many generations.

I’m reviewing four fragrances today. Each fragrance is named or numbered after the lab batch code used in its creation. All of the fragrances are unisex and smell equally delicious on women and men.

The inspiration behind the 301 fragrance is an 18th century stately home and the countryside around it. When creating the fragrance Mo wanted to work with rich ingredients such as leather, oakmoss, tobacco and cedar yet still retain a green freshness.

The 301 opens with fresh notes of bergamot, orange oil, lemon and basil. The heart is slightly floral but fresh with myrtle, geranium and patchouli before becoming richer with a magnificent leather essence and cedar wood. The base is richer still with oakmoss absolute, tonka bean, bay and tobacco to which is added spice from cumin and nutmeg.

A breathtaking luxurious smokey, spicy fragrance, yet green and fresh. Masculine on a man’s skin but transforms again on a woman’s! Sillage and longevity are excellent! Lasts all day!

For a gentleman that likes Tom Ford Ombre Leather, Tom Ford Oud Tobacco or Leather Tobacco, or Creed Bois de Portugal or Creed Aventus. For ladies that like fragrances such as the Tom Ford Black Orchid or the Prada Amber…give the 301 from Jamal of London a try on your skin.

The inspiration behind the 935 fragrance from Jamal is Taputti the first recorded perfumer. Legend has it that a perfumer that masters the art of blending rose and jasmine will be granted magical powers. Well, Mo must be magical indeed!

The 935 opens with a light, uplifting blast of bergamot and water lily. Clean and fresh. The heart is where the magic really begins to happen. Rose combined with rose oil and cedarwood preceed the rich, deep base of oud and patchouli. And then comes the fruity twist of raspberry and plum lightly warmed with musk.

For anyone that likes fragrances such as Bond No9 New York Oud or Creed Aventus for Him or for Her or Bleu de Chanel, again the 935 is one to try.

Attention to detail from fragrance to presentation.

The 642 is my personal favourite of the Jamal range. It is so warm, floral and delicate on the skin.

The inspiration behind the 632 from Jamal is a type of personality. Someone who is intelligent, delighting and luxuriating in life yet mischievous.

The colour of the 642 juice is the natural colour of jasmine essence. Mo visited the store and brought in samples of the essences and materials his fragrances are created from. Fascinating!

The 642 is fresh and floral when it opens with neroli leaf, orange flower and lemon. The heart is a blast of tuberose and jasmine. There’s a rich tuberose blended tuberose absolute and jasmine absolute. So it’s rich, warm, floral but still very fresh. The base is warm on my skin with essences such as amber, cedar and musk. Delicious!

If you enjoy fragrances such as the Dior Homme Intense, Jean Paul Gaultier, Amouage Honor, Tom Ford Orchid Soleil or the Estee Lauder Bronze Godess…give the 642 a try.

Inspired by the merchant vessels that first brought rich spices from the east to London the 774 blends those essences with a modern twist.

Top notes of green leaves, water lily and nutmeg. You can definitely smell those warm spices. More exotic spice in the heart with saffron, but there are woods with soft sandalwood, there is patchouli and orris butter. The woods in the 774 are wet, green woods. Ship’s timbers if you will. The base brings fruits with plum and vanilla. A rich musk binds everything together beautifully.

Again another one to try. Tim likes to layer the 774 with the 935. All of the fragrances are ideal for layering. So please give them a try!

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