Flowerbomb, Bonbon and Spicebomb.

The Viktor and Rolf fragrances are among some of my favourite fragrances. The first one I’m going to review is for ladies, Flowerbomb.


This one was created in 2005 by Carlos Benaim, Domitille Berthier and Olivier Polge. Olivier Polge, out of interest, also created La Vie est Belle for Lancome and also the Valentino Uomo for men. He uses very similar qualities in all of his fragrances.

Flowerbomb, so addictive!

The Flowerbomb is classed as an oriental floral and when you first spray it, it opens with a bouquet of fresh and sweet, that’s down to the top notes being bergamot and tea. In the heart notes you have the Centifolia Rose, which is actually a rose that contains a hundred petals. You also notice the traditional scents of jasmine, freesia, orange flower and orchid; in the base notes you have musk and patchouli.
When you smell this fragrance, and you have given it a chance to dry down, it has a really milky addictive quality.

What I would say about the Flowerbomb is, if the lady that you’re thinking of buying this for already wears; Chanel Mademoiselle or Alien which are Jasmine based fragrances or Prada Candy which is sweet caramel, Jimmy Choo which is toffee or any fragrance along these lines Flowerbomb would be an ideal alternative for Christmas.

With it being a Viktor and Rolf fragrance it’s also not one
that you can actually find everywhere, so you might have to do a little bit of work and research just trying to find the outlets, trust me it is worth the effort. Saying that, most big department stores should carry Viktor & Rolf.

Just a note about the bottle, it’s multifaceted to be shaped like a diamond. It’s very precious! So that’s Flowerbomb.

The second of the Viktor & Rolf fragrances I’m going to talk about is the Bonbon.


As you will see from the bottle, it’s wrapped like an old-fashioned traditional sweet which in French is bonbon. However Viktor & Rolf are renowned for loving Minnie Mouse and Disney in general, so some say that it was actually created to resemble Minnie Mouse’s bow.

Bonbon, Minnie Mouse’s Bow?

Bonbon is what they class as a fruity floral gourmand; gourmand means edibles so this gives you a hint to its fragrance. The key note in the bonbon is caramel. The top notes are very fruity. You have orange, mandarin and peach in the top note. So initially when you smell it, it smells quite fruity. In the base notes, you have amber and sandalwood. So this one is a particularly sweet fragrance, but when it dries down, it’s particularly delicious. Everybody that smells this one just wants to eat it!

The lady that would probably love this as a gift for Christmas, or anytime really, would be somebody who wears Prada Candy, Jimmy Choo again and also Olympia by Paco Rabanne. Anyone who enjoys a scent with those edible qualities in it would find this to be a fantastic new addition to their scents.




Now on to the gentleman’s fragrance by Viktor and Rolf, which is Spicebomb. You’ll see from the bottle that it’s actually shaped like a hand grenade. So before you spray you have to pull the pin, which a lot of people that come into store forget about or don’t realize and can’t understand why the bottles are not actually spraying.

Spicebomb, don’t forget to pull the pin!

This was created in 2012 to sit next to the ladies fragrance of Flowerbomb, and when Olivier Polge created this one he wanted something that was explosive and very different, so he chose two very alternative accords; one which is fiery and the other which is icy and seductive.

In the fiery notes, you actually have chilli, leather, tobacco and vetiver which is from the same plant family as lemongrass. Then in the icy notes, you have bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper. So you’ve got the two very different layers. When you smell it, once it settles, it’s very clean and fresh, but then the base is very spicy. My other half absolutely loves this fragrance. If the gentleman you’re thinking of buying this for already wears Paco Rabanne One Million, which again is a very spicy fragrance, Terre d’Hermes, Bleu de Chanel or even Dior Intense and any other of the more spicy fragrances out there I believe this would be an ideal and very welcome gift.

Now I’m going to let you know the different ways in which you can purchase these fragrances.
In store you can get Flowerbomb and Bonbon in a 30ml, which starts from £52, the 50ml is £73 and then your 100ml fragrance, which is the size bottle shown on my video, which retails at £99.

Spicebomb for men comes in a 50 mil and a 90 ml. 50 ml is £52 and the 90 ml is £68.

In the run up to Christmas, as you’ll see from our display on Youtube, we do have gift sets in the Flowerbomb, you get a 50 ml bottle, a 7.5 ml bag spray; which is fantastic if you’re travelling abroad or if you just want to carry it around with you instead of one of the bigger bottles. The retail price on this one is £78.You tend to pay a little more, but then you have got the added bonus of the bag spray in that one.

The men’s gift set is fantastic value, there is a 90ml set which retails at £68 and in this you get the 90ml spray and also a generous 20 ml bag spray. Ideal if the gentleman travels anywhere, if you’re going abroad and you’re limited to how much you can take on the plane or if you just want to pop it in your gym bag. There is also a 50 ml gift set, and in this you have the shower gel and the after shave balm, to compliment the spray.

At this time of year when buying these scents you get the options of some lovely gift bags and adorable bows. These are fragrances and give sets that you should be able to find in any of the major retailers and stockists, though you might have to shop around a little as not all retailers carry this range.

So bye for now and I’ll see you next time at Ellie smells, for my next fragrance review.


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