Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense Which Mademoiselle Are You?

Have you tried the new Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense?I’m excited to be reviewing this new fragrance from Chanel and Comparing it to the Mademoiselle EDP and EDT.

Do you want to feel carefree? That is exactly how the new Mademoiselle Intense is supposed to make you feel. I couldn’t resist a cheeky spray first! Heavenly.

As I’ve said the Intense is the latest of the Mademoiselle personalities. This one is classed as an Oriental Woody and was created by Olivier Polge (one of my favourite fragrance creators), he was behind the Flowerbomb for Viktor and Rolf, La Vie est Belle for Lancome, I am a huge admirer of both of these perfumes.The Chanel Mademoiselle Intense was launched in January 2018.

Let’s start with the bottle. It is in the classic Chanel design, simple, sleek and elegant, rather like Gabrielle Chanel herself. She designed the original bottle herself in 1919-1920 when she launched the first Parfums de Chanel. Since then the bottles have retained their original character, with just a few little tweaks throughout the years.The only difference in the Intense bottle is the clear crystal stopper as opposed to the opaque crystal stopper of the Mademoiselle EDP.

Onto the juice itself which is a much deeper intense peach colour than the Mademoiselle EDP. Here I will admit, after spraying, I was pleasantly surprised by the Mademoiselle Intense. I had rather suspected it would just be a slightly heavier version of the Mademoiselle EDP (which had never really enthralled me as it doesn’t lend well to my skin, or particularly last long on me). However, it definitely smells richer, warmer and ultimately more Intense.

The fragrance opens with the really clean, crisp and fresh citric top notes of Sicilian Orange, Bergamot and Lemon. Making it light and carefree. Inviting you into the feminine heart of Rose, Jasmine and a luscious note of juicy fruits. So far the effect is wonderfully fresh, ultra-feminine but its when the delicious base notes come into play, that the real beauty of the scent reveals itself. This is down to two major factors. The use of an Ambery Accord, made from Tonka Bean and Vanilla, which gives this perfume a really addictive quality, it makes you want to continually keep smelling it. Then the extreme Infusion of Patchouli making it deep and seductive, ultimately complemented by White Musks and Labdanum. Combined the effect is heady, sultry and delectable.

This fragrance was inspired by Gabrielle(Coco) Chanel herself, who was carefree, free-spirited and forward thinking, full of spirit and joie de vivre.

The fragrance as a whole is fresh, light and luminous full of feminine sensuality, powerful and deeply irresistible, making it a beautiful, compelling and long-lasting, highly desirable essence.

This would be an ideal fragrance for the lady who enjoys wearing fragrances such as the Flowerbomb, Giorgio Armani Si, La Vie est Belle, Black Opium, TomFord Black Orchid and such like. I feel the Mademoiselle Intense is worth trying. Always sample on your skin before you buy just to see that the fragrance stays true on your skin, also that you actually like it. Please be careful though, as the packaging of the Mademoiselle Intense and Mademoiselle EDP are so similar, the only difference is the lettering across the bottom of the box which reads Parfum Intense. just make sure you have the right bottle.

If you are wondering how the Intense compares to the Mademoiselle EDP, you can watch my review I did earlier so please take a look.

Briefly, the Mademoiselle EDP is classed as an Oriental floral, with top notes containing Orange and Orange Blossom. Again the same floral heart of Rose and Jasmine but with Mimosa instead of the fruity note.Similar base notes but without the warm Ambery Accord and without the Intensity of the Patchouli. So, in my Opinion, a lot lighter, softer and not as deep.

Then we have the Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette an altogether fresher, lighter sweeter version, like a young carefree woman. The top notes in the EDT are fruity with Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit.Next, the heart which is Rose, Jasmine with the fruity nuance of Lychee added to make the perfume sparkle. A gentler base than the Intense and EDP of Vetiver, White Musk, Patchouli and Vanilla.

All of these fragrances will take you from daytime to evening depending on the strength of fragrance you like. Beautiful if you have a wedding, a lot of ladies have picked the EDP version as their wedding day fragrances.

Thanks for watching and reading. I’ll see you again soon on Ellie Smells.

Ellie x

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