Cartier Carat Review

Are you looking for a new floral fragrance this Autumn? The new Cartier Carat could just be the fragrance you are looking for!

Created by the Cartier in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent, the Cartier Carat is classed as a ‘floral’ and will be launched later this month, September 2018.

The bottle of the Cartier Carat is inspired by the Cartier jewellery, particularly the diamonds. SO the bottle is faceted and refracts the light. The top has a little ‘C’ shape, perhaps to represent the ‘C’ in ‘Cartier’ but it serves a purpose in protecting the spray cap. Flipping down the ‘C’ allows the fragrance to be sprayed. Flipping it back up again prevents your fragrance from being accidentally sprayed if you have the bottle in your bag!

Mathilde Laurent has had a remarkable career and has designed some beautiful fragrances such as the Le Panthere in 2014, le Panthere EDT earlier this year 2018, Declaration, Baiser Fou and Baiser Volé just to name a few. Prior to working for Cartier, she worked with Guerlain.

When designing Cartier’s Carat, Mathilde Laurent wanted to create something with the feel of a pure white diamond, with the colourful rainbow hue of light of violet, indigo, green, blue, yellow, orange and red refracted through the facets. To represent those colours that make up the brilliant white of the perfect diamond she chose the essences of seven beautiful flowers.

So in the top, you have hyacinth, lily and violet making the opening fresh, green, very luminous and sparkling.

Then on to the sophisticated heart notes where we discover narcissus and ylang-ylang and I can really smell the ylang-ylang. So far the Cartier Carat is delicious. Quite beautiful!

Now on to the deep, deep base combining honeysuckle and tulip. I could say those seven beautiful flowers combine to make one perfect white flower.

This fragrance is definitely, really, really feminine! I think Cartier Carat is going to be really easy to wear on my skin. It’s delicate, warm, fresh and green and quite sensual actually. I’m not a lover of floral fragrances but this one is quite delightful.

This would make a beautiful fragrance choice for someone who wants an Autumn fragrance that is crisp, clean and not too overpowering. Although florals do not stay too long on my skin, my skin type better suits heavier musky fragrances, the Cartier Carat had a longevity of several hours, making it an easy wear during the day for me.

So ladies that like the Gabrielle Chanel which also has a floral white heart, the Chanel Mademoiselle, the Cartier Le Panthere or the Narciso Rodriguez For Her, although those fragrances do have a muskiness to them, the Cartier Carat would be something worth popping along and trying on your skin!

Ladies that like Cartier fragrances are going to love this one!

Ellie x

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