Aramis Tobacco Reserve

Aramis Tobacco Reserve, the new fragrance from the Estee Lauder Group, certainly fits the current trend in men’s fragrance for longer wearing fragrances with deeper base notes!

Created this year, 2018, by Edouard Fléchier Aramis who has created fragrances for the likes of Christian Dior, Davidoff, Christian Lacroix and Valentino, Tobacco Reserve is the latest fragrance in the Aramis Range and is classed as a woody aromatic.

The original Aramis range was created in 1963 by Estee Lauder as a complete range of men’s toiletry products.

The Aramis Tobacco Reserve has a similar bottle design to the original Aramis, a rectangular chunky bottle with the Aramis logo and gold top. The juice is darker and more green in colour.

From the first smell of this fragrance, I get sweet, tobacco, slightly powdery and mmm…definitely fruit in the top notes. The top notes of the Aramis Tobacco Reserve are clary sage and cassis, which is blackcurrant. So the top notes of the Tobacco Reserve are both spicy and fruity. I’m quite liking that!

In the heart notes of the Tobacco Reserve, you have the heady and heavy tobacco leaf. There are also other spices such as nutmeg and orris which makes the fragrance warm.

The base notes of tonka bean and oakmoss are definitely woody and make Aramis Tobacco Reserve a really long lasting fragrance.

Altogether the Aramis Tobacco Reserve is definitely ‘woodsy’, with a fresh, spicy and fruity note. Slightly sweet…Timbo does not pick up the sweetness but he is more concentrated on the tobacco which he loves. More of a cigar tobacco than a pipe tobacco but the tobacco is very much the centre of this fragrance as it should be.

If you like fragrances such as the Creed Taberone or the Ralph Lauren Polo Green, also the Tom Ford Tobacco Oud or the Mugler Pure Havane then the Aramis Tobacco Reserve is definitely a fragrance to go and try on your skin.

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